Where I’ve Been

This is one of those days when I realize I need to set a resolution to blog every single day, dammit, lest two months pass and I say “Ummm…ooops!”

My redeeming point is that I have been busy. 
My non-redeeming point is that I haven’t been that busy.

I am starting work on my thesis, a little 40 page ditty on the factors that are causing the epidemic spread of the Chikungunya virus, which means I am going to be having to give up my little pet stories for class on random science topics until May.  Which made me think of this blog (again), and how it would be a perfect home for all of my random drivel.

So I’m back, and looking forward to writing with much greater consistency and quality than before.  Not that three posts, one of which was a cartoon, is much to talk about.  Still, a girl can dream.


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